Is She the world’s Hottest and Sexiest Firefighter?

Fire fighters puts their own lives at risk while protecting people’s life and property. These are brave men and women who are strong and determined to save lives. Firefighting is a noble but a dangerous job. It is not easy to become a fireman.

It is a risk taking job with possible serious injuries and even death. Regardless of how dangerous the job is, it is the kind job both men and women feel honored doing this job.

Meet Gunn Narten, a Norwegian woman fire fighter from Stavanger, who is also a personal trainer, became an internet star after her Instagram profile got viral. She regularly posts pictures of herself in firefighter outfit and sometimes in tight Lycra outfit

She has got all the power to lift a truck literally.

Who can deny she got such a beautiful smile.

She loves posing in her outfit.

She always puts smile on her face.

She loves outdoor activities.

Good morning Gothenburg 🇸🇪☀️☕️ #coffeeinthesun #happymonday #kvilepuls #girlstrip

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She poses with a coffee and greets good morning to everyone.

She keeps herself busy in walking and hiking in the mountain.