Check The World’s Brightest LED Flashlight And You Will Like It

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We have been looking for the world’s brightest LED flashlight for quite some time. We’ve found so many videos claiming that they have got the brightest LED light.

First how do you calculate the brightness of a LED flashlight?

According to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI),  there are new specifications for flashlights performance to be calculated. They have standardized this specification with the Flashlight Standards Committee of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). So now the new standard specification is called ANSI/NEMA FL -1. When you buy a flashlight you make sure you have these specification on the manual.

The three FL-1 Standards are
Light Output :-  This is the maximum brightness of a flashlight measured in Lumens
Runtime: Amount of time for a flashlight to decrease by 10% in Lumen after switching it on
Peak Beam Intensity: Brightest Point of the beam of light.

We checked a YT video uploaded by EcProjects and they claim this is the world’s brightest LED flashlight.

Now check this video where it claims to be the brightest LED flashlight in the world
Watt: 1800watts
162.000 Lumen

Video Channel: EcProjects

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