Diamond Ring Found Wrapped Around A Carrot After 13 Years

Mary Gram lost her diamond engagement ring 13 years ago on the family farm while she was weeding the ground. She was devastated because that ring was given to her by her husband on their engagement in 1951. That ring was very special for her.

She kept this secret from her husband and rest of the family except she told her son about the ring. She knew her husband would get disappointed on her if she told him she lost the engagement ring.

She brought a similar looking ring but cheaper than the original and carried on as if nothing had happened. This worked for all those years. Five years ago, her husband passed away.
One day her daughter-in-law, Colleen Daley was harvesting carrots for supper at the same farm where Mary Gram had lost that ring. While she was pulling carrots from the ground, she notice one carrot looked strange. She almost fed it to her dog but decided to keep it. When she washed it she saw the carrot that grew perfectly through that ring.

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Daley called her husband and told him what she had found. Her husband immediately knew who that ring belonged to and called his mother and said he found her ring.

The family got together, watch Grams washed the ring and then slid on her finger. It was a perfect fit. It went in the finger as smoothly as it did when her husband gave that ring to her on their engagement day.