She Cancelled the Wedding After Seeing a Shocking Video of Her Fiancé

Ninna Mandin, a 26-year-old woman from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, loved her two French bulldogs very much

She was aso planning to get married with her fiancé she loved and trusted.

Ninna loves her French bulldog much more and than anything.

One day Ninna noticed some unexplained bruise marks on her puppies. She became suspicious of her dogs bruises. She wanted to know how her dogs were getting bruises when she was not around but her fiance was around everyday. She installed a hidden camera in her apartment.

She even did not tell her fiancé about the hidden camera in the apartment.

When she checked the camera footage, she was shocked when the video revealed the shocking truth. She could not believe what she saw in the video. Her fiancé was the one who were beating her fur babies.

That was just enough reason for her to break up with the man she was going to marry. She cancelled the wedding. She even posted the video online so world could see her ex-fiancé abusive behavior towards animals.

After seeing this video, she called off the wedding.