Trump Gazes Solar Eclipse Without Special Viewing Glasses

Millions of Americans gazed at the most anticipated celestial moment of the century – The first solar eclipse in century, on Monday.

The sun seemed swallowed by Moon for a brief moment. The solar eclipse was referred to as the “Great American Eclipse”, was visible from a narrow belt spreading all across the USA from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast.

Even president Trump was excited to witness the celestial moment of the century. On Monday Trump witnessed the solar eclipse from the balcony of the White house with the with first lady Melania and son Barron.

But unlike millions of Americans, President Trump did not follow the basic safety rule. NASA had warned people that it is not safe to look at the eclipse with naked eyes except the period of total phase of a solar eclipse or Totality, which means you can look the eclipse without any safety devices only when moon completely blocks the Sun’s bright face.

A photo of Trump gazing directly at the solar eclipse has become a topic to discuss about in social media.

Trump emerged on the balcony of the White House, shortly before the eclipse reached its apex, and he waved at people who were also present there and were getting ready to watch the eclipse.

A reporter’s question — “How’s the view?” — Trump answered with a thumbs up, according to the White House press pool.

Photographers were taking photos of Trump and First Lady wearing the ubiquitous cardboard sunglasses when they were getting ready to watch the eclipse from the balcony.

But at one point, Trump took the glass off and looked up at the sun without a protective sunglasses.

An aid shouted “Don’t Look”as Trump tilted his head up at the sun, according to many reports.
He was later seen wearing the ubiquitous cardboard sunglasses to watch the 2017 solar eclipse .