Sweetest Shortest Couples In The World Met On Social Media And Fell in Love

Some people say online dating is crazy. Some says they are weird. But not everybody find a perfect soulmate. Thousands dating sites are crowed by millions of people hoping to find a serious relationship or a casual one. But these couples have found a perfect match of each other.


This is our sweetest couples Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros and Katyucia Hoshino from Brazil.  Paulo’s height is 34.8 inches while Katyucia is slightly taller at 35.2 inches.



They didn’t meet on Facebook but they met when they started talking to each other on MSN Messenger. Now this is the messeger which used to be wildly popular some years ago but isn’t used by people today anymore.


short3At first she said she didn’t like Paulo and thought he was annoying and used cheap flirty lines.  So she blocked him in social media. After 18 months she unblocked him.


short4Paulo immediately started talking to him and this time he was more civilized says Katyucia. And this was the rise of love for this couple.


short5After two months they finally decided to meet each other and they did. And since then the couple saw something great in each other so they moved in together.

Source: wittyfeed

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