Stray Dogs are Turning Blue in Mumbai Due to Industrial Waste

Blue is the color of wisdom, confidence, faith, truth, and heaven. It is the color of the sky. Blue is the color that symbolizes peace. A calm sea has the color blue. Blue color connects inner serenity and clarity. It is a color of calm.

The definition of blue color is not quite always right in Mumbai, India.

Residents were in shocked after several street dogs were found roaming the street of Mumbai with bright blue fur. The reason behind the dogs turning their natural color into blue is even more shocking.

Navi Mumbai Animal Protection Cell

The bizarre transformation of color is believed to be linked with Kasadi river, a nearby source of water which is reportedly overly polluted and is 13 times over what is considered safe.

Navi Mumbai Animal Protection Cell

Reports say, Kasadi river in Navi Mumbai, next to the Maharashtra state capital in Western India, is massively used to dump industrial waste.

There are hundreds of factories that line the banks of  the river. These factories have been dumping all their untreated waste materials directly into the river for many years.  Water from the river is very toxic and completely unfit for human consumption.

‘It was shocking to see how the dog’s white fur had turned completely blue,’ animal protection officer Arati Chauhan said. A test has been carried out since the incident, reports local newspaper. A complaint has now been registered with the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board after the news of Blue Dogs headlined all over the media.