Russian Embassy Posted “Good Morning, Mt. Everest, Russia”

The tweet posted by Russian Embassy Twitter account made a short-and-shocking headline but they deleted the post right after the big mistake was realized.

A Russian Diplomatic Tweet shocked the internet with a tweet, with a fresh claim over Mt. Everest, the world highest mountain.

The picture they posted was NOT even Mt. Everest. The photo they thought Mt. Everest is actually Mount Machhapuchchhre, which is also located in Nepal, as Mt. Everest is located in Nepal.

The Russian Embassy in Britain posted one of its regular good-morning greetings on Twitter with a picture of a snow-capped mountain. However, it was not a location in Russia. The photo they shared or thought Mt. Everest is actually located in Nepal.

It was a mistake.

“It’s just a technical mistake,” the press desk of the embassy tells Newsweek in a statement shortly after the post was deleted from its Twitter feed. “Of course Everest is not in Russia,” the embassy added.

Source: Newsweek