Russian Artist Creates Hauntingly Lifelike Dolls

Dolls are adorable and beautiful. Dolls are supposed to look that way but the creators of dolls sometimes make something very unusual and surreal. Russian artist Michael Zakjov has created many amazing collections of dolls that are astonishingly life-like creating a buzz in world of doll-making. It feels so bizarre and creeps you out when you stare at these dolls. And suddenly you get this feeling if somehow it may come alive and do nasty things like in horror movies.

If you are not comfortable with creepy dolls then you don’t want to keep these Russian lifelike dolls in your house and you can never sleep comfortably without having that creepy thought. But at the end of the day, it is just a doll.

So how does he make this dolls and give them realistic look. First of all he has incredible skill and secondly he uses special materials to craft his dolls. He uses imported polymer clay and does hand paintings for decoration. Sounds so simple right? Think about how hard it is to create ultra-human expressions. These Russian lifelike dolls will definitely gives you that strange feeling.

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They look incredibly real. This guy has incredible talent. He is right now an internet sensation for Russian lifelike dolls in Instagram.
Find him at Instagram: Source here

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