Football Player Got Red Card For Farting

Football is the most watched game in the world. The game gets very intense when best teams collide each other for the title championships. Players get injured, gets yellow cards or red cards for foul  play and get suspended. Referee shows red cards to player for different reasons. However, the main reason would be for the bad tackle. Sometimes the referee has an eagle eye. Any foul play on the field is spotted right away but sometimes the referee gets blindfolded and miss the foul play even at close range.

However on this case, the referee had some other reason to show a red card to a football player from unheard Swedish soccer club. His name is Adam Lindin Ljungkvist and play as a left back for a club Järna SK’s. While he was playing Pershagen SK, he already had a yellow card under his name. But later the referee showed him another yellow that automatically meant a Red Card and he was sent off from the field. The reason was he farted in the field while the game was still on play.

Ljungkvist was shocked to see the Red Card but eventually he had to go. The Referee told him that the fart was deliberate. There was no bad language exchanged but just a fart.

This would be the first time in the history when a football player was sent off for farting.

Science says smelling farting may be good for health. But don’t take our word of it.

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