Got Stinky Kitchen? Put Two Lemons Inside The Oven And See The Amazing Result

If you are fed up with stinky smell in your kitchen then you are not the only one who have this problem.  Bad smell can come out of everywhere. From stinky garbage bag to sink. You spend so much time to clean it with expensive detergents but the result may not be satisfying.

There are many kitchen hacks. This one is probably one of the best. You don’t need to spend your money in those expensive detergents. All you got to have is one lemon. How ? Just follow the following instruction.



Cut a lemon into two half



lemon2Put 2  half cut lemons inside the oven and leave the door open before you go to sleep.


oven3In the morning, close the door of the oven, turn it for few minutes while lemons still inside the oven. After few minutes,  stop it and open the door again.


Open the door and leave it for a while. You will now smell nice in your room and won’t find those bad smell loving insects in your kitchen.

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