Dog Fell Into Hot Tar But Survived Thanks To Good Samaritans

A puppy fell into a pool of hot tar and got stuck. He was left to die. His body was severally covered with tar and he couldn’t move. The dog was suffering in pain.

Bystanders were too busy to notice the pooch or were didn’t know what to do. One savor saw the puppy suffering in agony and felt the pain. Without spending a second, he phoned India’s Animal Aid Unlimited for Help.

When volunteers arrived the scene, they too couldn’t believe their eyes. The puppy was covered with tar, and he was laying on the ground. They scrubbed off the tar from the dog’s body by using vegetable oil. It took them 3 hours to remove all the tar.

The puppy dog got a new life after they removed all the tar from his body. If they had delayed their action, the dog wouldn’t have survived. And most importantly thanks to that savior who called them for help in first place.

This was the condition of the dog when the volunteers found it


It was so agonizing moment.


The volunteers started to scrub off the tar with the help of vegetabel oil


Finally, they scrub off all the tar from the dog’s body and it was free from the agonizing pain

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