Never Prank With Wrong People Because You Might Get Hospitalized

Prank works sometimes on people but it doesn’t and turns into violent situation. People are not always in the mood of taking things lightly. You never know what type of people you bump into everyday and if you were to prank then you have to think again. These guys may have come up with great pranks and have successfully prank many but there is always a risk of getting backfire from the people on the street.

Here in this video a guy hits down a disabled man in front of a group of people. What those people don’t know is that it is just a prank show and this was just for a YouTube Channel. But instead people do not listen even though the guy tries to tell them that it’s just a prank show. This is the risk those guys are taking every time they go out in the street. You never know what type of people you come across everyday in the street and you may get beaten up by peopleĀ  at any time. Prank is a tough job and if you are not careful enough you might end up in hospital bed pretty soon.

Source: xRsAtx

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