This is How People Imagined The Future 100 Years Ago

So what will our future be like in the next 100 years from now? If you ask people this question, you will probably get many ridiculously funny answers. Each person has their own visions and predictions of life in 100 years.  It is interesting to see how people can imagine the world in the next 100 years in so many ways. Some people believe that in future the world will become technologically advance while other groups of people think that the world will run out of all fuels and will go back to stone age.

So why do we are so interested in predicting the future? Maybe it is fun and it helps us to think how business will run in the future so we can take advantage of future investment.

Back in the year 1995, we were not zoomed into internet as we are today. Our computers were slower at that time. We were using computers powered by Windows 95. Internet was not available to everybody. There was no Facebook. A futuristic nerd used to talk about reading electronic books, and people would laugh at the idea.

But have you ever wondered how did people 100 years ago in the past think of future? Check out these cards, made between 1899 and 1910 by Jean-Marc Côté and other artists. These cards depict a vision of what the world would look like in the year 2000. It is so astonishing to imagine how people wanted such things to happen in the future. The most amazing part is that some of the predictions that they got exactly right.