New Nepal Driving License Trial Format For Four Wheeler

Department of Transport Management in Nepal have changed the structure of the driving test or trial. First, you need to fill the Nepal driving license form, pass the examination and then go for the trial driving test. Nepal driving license trial is not really that tough but still due to less practice and more tension, a lot of people fail to complete the driving test.

In the earlier driving test format, the driver had to drive through the 8 shape turnings, then enter into a U-turn, drive onto uphill and finally do the T-Parking at the end. The driving license is provided only when the examinees complete all the above tests successfully without touching single barricade. This how you can get a car or any other four wheel vehicle driving license in Nepal.

Hundreds of examinees had to wait for hours in a queue waiting for their turn to start the driving test. An examinee had to wait for 10 minutes for his or her turn for the test according to Chief of DoTM Tej Narayan Yadav.

Now the new test will start by going into the T-shape Parking and then move accordingly to 8-shape turn, and to the rest of trail same as before. The examinee has to wait not more than 3 minutes with this new format of the driving test according to Chief of DoTM Tej Narayan Yadav.

This is how the sample layout of the 4-wheeler vehicle for all small, light and heavy vehicles.

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