Nepal Idol 2017 Worst Experience For Some Participants

Nepal idol is a great platform for new emerging singers to show their talents. Thousands of people go for the audition hoping they would make it to next round.  To get famous, you need talent and also a bit of luck. On this, case you need luck more than talent.

Youtuber Aashish Shrestha went for the audition of Nepal Idol 2017. He arrived on time at the location where the audition was being held.  Maybe he was excited to be on the audition in the beginning, but things didn’t turn his way at the end.

So it was all set for the audition. The audition was not how it was supposed to be. A lot of people were waiting in the queue before the management opened the gate. As soon as the gate was opened, all participants ran inside making everyone exasperated.

There are 3 rounds of selection. Prejudge Round, Talent Round and lastly Original Judge Round. The participants have to go through each round of the selection process for getting a ticket to the second round.

Managing thousands of people was not for  Nepal idol 2017 team, not that they were inexperienced, they were. Nonetheless, participants were not happy with how things were managed.Few participants were extremely disappointed they even uploaded a video of their disappointment over YouTube. You can clearly understand how unprofessional the management must have been at that time.

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