Ncell Customer Panic Over Short Red Number Phone Call

Sometimes things go viral on the internet without any explanation. Since the dawn of social network and media, people love to share news, ideas, entertainment and sometimes about themselves. But some fake news is created in a vacuum and becomes sensational news within hours.

Ncell customers are going through odd times. They are receiving a call from an unknown number. This number is short and colored in red. So what’s so odd about it you may ask? There was a post on Facebook claiming whoever receive that call would end up dead. That’s how it went viral.

Nobody knows who and how did it get started. Some unverified users said they’ve been hearing the news about a red short number phone call on Ncell and whoever received it were dead. Ever since then, the news has been circulating like a wildfire. People are posting on Facebook saying not to receive the call from a short number caller.

It’s a fake news. Ncell is having a hard time to reply every post being made about this hoax by customers on their Facebook Fan page. But this hoax sounds like anything more real than a Holywood movie.

Don’t believe in it. Nobody is in danger. Ncell is probably going to make an announcement on what really is happening.

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