Mom Struggles To Wake Up this Teen in a Deep Sleep

A mother and daughter went for a shopping at Walmart to get groceries. The daughter wanted to stay inside the car and wait for her mom.

The mother went for the shopping. The daughter waited in the car and then fell asleep.

When she got back from shopping, she saw her daughter Savannah gracefully sleeping in a front seat. She knocks on the window of her car to wake Savannah up but she doesn’t seem to respond to any of the noises coming from outside. She is calmly sleeping.

In the end, mom has to call cops for help. The cop comes in a few minutes and handle the situation quite easily. The cop opens the door with a neat trick, and that’s all it took to wake Savannah from the deep sleep.

The video went quite viral after it was uploaded on Facebook by her dad.

“It takes an act of deity — or the Lindon Police Department — to wake up my daughters.” That’s what the dad who posted this now viral Facebook video said after police had to be called to wake up his daughter.