Mom Packs Lunch For Her Daughter But Regrets On What She Did

It’s like any other day when a mom send a lunch to her 17 years old teen daughter but later she found out that she did a huge mistake.

Every mom wants their kids to have a healthy lunch in school. They try to make a good hygienic food.. But this mom turns the table upside down after realizing a huge mistake that she made when she sent her daughter lunch

Thinking the drinks were tea or some energy drinks, this mom actually had sent an alcoholic drinks for her daughter’s lunch. Unaware of what the drinks were, her daughter post the photos online and ask mom. Mom then realizes that she mistakenly put 4 alcoholic drinks for energy drinks that she had gotten from her refrigerator downstairs. She must have been half sleep or wasn’t aware of what she was doing. She could have put her daughter in serious trouble because alcoholic drinks are not allowed for her daughter’s age.

Her daughter in other hand tweeted the picture of the drinks which have gone viral. Her mom is really embarrassed by her mistake.



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