MMA Fighter Overpowered by Nepali Guards In Malaysia

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The video of a man trying to get into a fight with a security guard at the entrance of a condominium in Malaysia is getting viral at the moment.

The incident took place at USJ One Condo, Malaysia when a MMA fighter wearing a black singlet and shorts is seen arguing with the guards. The man seems to be recognized as a “MMA Figther”. The guard is a Nepali guy who is guarding the Condo.

In the video, the guard is asking MMA guy to walk way and not allowing him to get in. The MMA guy looks agitated by the guard and immediately goes into a fighting position.

At first, the MMA guy hits the guard on his leg, but then the guard wrestle him and pin him down.

Soon after both gets rambling down the ground, other guards join them, and try to get hold of the MMA guy.

The video was uploaded by the account name “Discover Subang Jaya” on July 17, 2017, which has gathered more than 50,000 views by the end of the day.

You can hear the guards speaking in Nepali.


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