Mesmerizing Time Lapse Video of Making of Boudha Stupa

Nobody in Nepal can forget the 2015 April massive earthquake that shattered the nation . Thousands of lives perished, hundreds and thousand of people lost their homes, and millions of people were affected.

Many monuments were partially damaged and some were completely destroyed by the earthquake. Unfortunately, all of them are still waiting for renovation due to lack of management. Nepal government is still planning for renovation but haven’t started anything even after 2 year have passed since the earthquake.

Bouddhanath or Boudha stupa was also badly manged by the earthquake. The reconstruction began on 3 November 2015, 3 months after the devastating earthquake. This stupa is one of the oldest monuments in Nepal and it has a very sacred myth. Legend says it was built after the demise of lord Buddha.

The renovation of a historic monument Boudha Stupa has just been completed on this date November 20th 2016 after a year of continuous work. It is now open for public.

Nepal360 got this time lapse with GoPro Hero 4 camera.

It is incredible to see how people worked to complete the the renovation of Boudhanath whereas there are others who are still planning on how to go about.

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