Man Skydives Nude While Playing Violin to Raise Awareness About Body Image Issues Among Men

There is no other sports like skydiving that pushes your heart rate to the limit and fires up an adrenaline rush at full throttle.

Glen Donnelly is doing it for a different reason.

Glen Donnelly Nude Skydive while Playing Violin for Body Image Awareness Cause

While some people don’t even think of skydiving as one of their bucket list of things to do in life, Glen Donnelly, a world-class violinist, set a challenge for his 30th birthday, which is even more confronting for experienced skydivers. He wants to skydive, wearing nothing except a harness and play a couple of violin pieces on the way down.

Mr Donnelly completed his challenge in New South Wales, Australia on August 27.

“Nude skydiving and people playing music on a skydive have been done before, but not all at the same time,” Donnelly told the Express Advocate.

Donnelly was afraid of many things before the jump day but that didn’t stop his determination and confidence.

The day finally came and he was all set to perform one of the best musical gigs of his life on his birthday. He took of all his clothes off, strapped on a parachute with a trainer, took his violin, and jumped.

He played a Happy Birthday song during the free fall to celebrate birthday.

When the parachute opened, and he began to float, the violinist drew the opening strains of The Lark Ascending by English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams.

He told BBC it was a beautiful piece about a bird soaring in the air and it was just perfect with what he was experiencing during that flight.

“I played the opening cadenza for about a minute, where you’re just slowly rising on the violin and it was just wonderful”, he said

“When that parachute opened, I could just be free to play the violin… it was a feeling of total freedom.”

Donnelly made that jump to raise awareness about body image issues among men. He suffered from Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD).

It is a mental disorder in which you can’t stop thinking about one or more perceived defects or flaws in your appearance — a flaw that, to others, is either minor or not observable. But you may feel so ashamed and anxious that you may avoid many social situations. Learn more about this at (

Mr Donnelly has been recovering with help from a psychiatrist. He is also educating others about the disorder. And the skydiving in nude while playing a violin is one of his attempts to spread his message.

He has set a gofundme/birthdaydive>gofundme page to raise the money for the campaign.