Destroying An iPhone 6 In A Blender

It’s been more than 9 years since the first iPhone 6 was released. Back then it was a super hit phone and yeah it was expensive too. But that didn’t stop this guy from destroying it.

Just in case you missed videos of a crazy scientist who does weird experiments in his laboratory then you may have missed this one of the best videos of destruction of an iPhone. This guy loves his blender and puts stuffs inside to to sees if they blends. He uses his blender only and a wiry smile. He puts stuffs in the blender and then turns it on, and rest is history.

This time he puts iPhone in a blender and see whether he accomplishes the total destruction of an iPhone or not.  Now that is a bizarre way to destroy an iPhone.. BUT Please DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

He sure has world’s best blender. Don’t you wish you had that kind of blender in your kitchen but not for the reason as he uses for. He is still in YouTube thought.

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