Indian Cops Fighting Each Other For Bribe Money In Public

What are the responsibilities of a police officer ? Protection of people and property.  A law enforcement officer maintains law and order in a society and stop crimes from happening. They enforces law to stop criminal activities, make arrests of criminals, take forceful actions whenever necessary, issues citations, testify in court cases, help people when needed and do whatever it takes to make safe and secured neighborhood.

But what would you do if you see two law enforcement officers, the ones who should be looking after criminals are fighting with each other for the reason that is totally unacceptable. This is what happened in UP India where two police officers are fighting each other for bribe money they were entitled to share as reported by News Agencies.

Shocking fight between two policemen for bribe share has gone viral. They were fighting for the alleged bribe money that they were planning to share but maybe something went wrong and the brawl started in public.