Incredible Video Of A Just Born Baby in Amniotic Sac

This video was uploaded back in February. Its a rare video for most of us that show a just born baby who is still inside the amniotic sac and is trying to move its hand and feet. After being born the baby stays inside for couple of seconds whilst the doctors and others rejoice to see the baby trying to move around but still curled up with its umbilical cord and placenta.

The Amniotic Sac is a bag of fluid inside a woman’s womb where the unborn baby develops and grows.

After that few gracious seconds of joy the doctor cut the sac and let the baby out who then breaths for the first time in this world. The whole few seconds holds your breath.

The sac is usually cut out by a surgeon during a caesarean. Its a rare for the sac to remain intact when the baby is born. Nonetheless it is very simple procedure for doctors to cut the sac and let the baby out.
During a caesarean, a surgeon will cut through the sac to deliver the baby.

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