The Impossible Climb On a Motorbike in Andler Schönberg Hill – Belgium

The Impossible Climb

This is perhaps one of the most daring motorbike climbing competitions in the world, probably the only one that is super hard to complete because nobody has been successful in climbing that hill. This is ‘The Impossible Climb’.

The competition takes place in Andler/Schonberg Hill in Belgium every year and no body has been able to reach the top of the hill.

Hundreds of bikers come to this spot to test their skills and bravery, and probably their luck and try not to get seriously injured. It is a super tough climbing event where you are expected to see desperate riders who are pushing their limits to get up on that hill. In the end, most of the bikes roll back down the hill, and some hits the riders.

Andler/Schonberg Hill may not look that high until you are on a motorcycle with full speed on that steep track, you are expected to push your limit and get ready to fall dangerously, and possibly get injured seriously if the tumbling bike don’t hit you on your body.

Those bikes are definitely totaled, that is for sure. But the passion of these people never fades away. They keep doing this competition every year and people love coming down here to see the excitements and enjoy parties.

Every year the event Andler/Schonberg Hill Climbing – Motorbike Climb is organized. The event ‘The Impossible Climb’ goes on for 3 days with entertaining events like DJs that keep people busy and entertained.

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