How Much Money the Tech Giants Make in 60 Seconds?

Internet has become a necessities of life itself. Over the past decade, the internet has changed millions of lives and its importance is still growing rapidly. No matter who you are, if you have access to the internet, your daily life depends upon it. We don’t see the internet as a luxury household item anymore. Instead it has given us many benefits and has affected practically almost all aspects of our lives.

We are able to connect to global market where human knowledge are seeking and thriving for new information, and there are so many information out there waiting for us to discover. We share our thoughts with our friends via various social networks and other means of communications. This is all possible because of the incredible internet.

While we praise the internet for simplifying our life for improving education, communication, business, shopping and sharing of information, we sometime wonder how much these tech giants make in a month or a year.

Well, if you are to think how much money they make, the kind of scale we are talking here is almost impossible to grasp. Therefore, lets dig in how much they make every minute each day.
The numbers are astounding. After all they are the biggest giants in the tech industry.

Source:  visualcapitalist