Guy Asks His Girlfriend To Strip In Front Of A Camera

With the rise of technologies in a society, people’s mind has changed along and moved into more complex society. Gone are the days when people used to take photos, print them and stick them on the wall. Those were the old days. Now the priorities have changed. Now people take more pictures every day than they did in a week ten years ago. Everybody has smartphones with cameras. Taking pictures and videos has become a daily routine for most.

The following short movie is about a couple, madly in love. They are young and enthusiastic. Many couples like them love to take pictures together and make memorable videos. Some go far beyond and make compromising videos and somehow they all get leaked online.

This guy probably loves his girlfriend but he asks her to do something more than she would love to do in front of a camera. He asks her to take off her clothes. Would she do it? He forces her to do it by saying either take the clothes off or this relationship is over.

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