Gold Worth 55 Lakh Gets Stolen From A Bank in Nepal

We put our valuables in bank hoping it is the safest place on earth but that hope has been now crushed.

Around 823 grams (72.6 Tola) gold and Silver was stolen on Monday from one of Nepal’s oldest banks of the Nepal – Agricultral Development Bank in Birgunj.

According to the police, someone broke into the bank locker room by breaking one of the window, took the keys out from the drawer, and stole nearly 55 million Nepali rupees worth of gold from locker room.

Police are investigating how is this even possible for someone who can easily manage to get inside the bank, knows where the keys are and steal the gold.

Don’t banks have alarm system? Don’t they have CCTV camera installed?, questions arise.

Police says they have taken the guard into police custody and also questioning employees. According to bank, the keys were just laying around carelessly on the drawer. The question is how the thief knew that the keys were on the drawer when it was supposed to be somewhere else safe.

The CCTV camera wire was cut, according to the bank.
Source: eKantipur