Girl Gets Naked To Exchange Indian Currency After Waiting For Hours

She was just waiting for hours in a queue to exchange her money at ATM. There was a huge line and there were hundreds of people waiting at that time. When she got there, the money didn’t came out of the ATM and this girl couldn’t handle her frustration.

Her patience ran out so bad and she did something which one one expected. She removed her top in public without even thinking what would people think of her. She did that intentionally without even caring of others who were stunned at her behavior. People couldn’t comprehend what was really going on.

The incident took place in an ATM in Delhi’s Mayur Vihar Phase 3. After so much commotion someone called the police who later came apprehended her. She put on her clothes and police tried to calm her down. Just after 10 minutes she was a happy person. She now had a new exchanged notes and no more she had to wait any longer.

Indian banned the use of its currency of 500 and 1000 denomination last week in order control or cease black money in the country. This step has create a chaotic environment in the country. People are rushing to the bank to get exchange their old notes to new ones. India has printed a new 2000 Rupees note just recently and is already circulating in the market.

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