Watch the First Skydive From a Flying Drone

Drones are no longer used [just] as novelty remote control helicopters.

Drones can perform various tasks like delivering merchandise, spying from above the sky, tracking storms, and the darkest tasks like dropping bombs and shooting people aerially.

Now drones leaped to next level to becoming rescuing machines capable of lifting a full-sized man in the sky thousands of feet above. Instead of spying and using in warfare, drones are going to be used to rescue people and save people from disaster zones.

Obviously, this type of drone is not type that you can normally buy in the local market. This drone is a massive machine capable of carrying the weight of human.

For the first time ever, a man has successfully jumped from a flying drone. A company called Areones, which is a Lativian high-power drone development company, planned the jump for the first time. This company makes a massive and powerful drone capable of lifting a serious amount of weight. For those who are into sky diving, this is going to be a new high-altitude adrenaline rush obsession.

Skydiver Ingus Augstkalns set the record of being the first person to jump from a flying drone. The company Areones experimented with this new idea to prove that their drones are capable of some heaving lifting.

The drone lifted Augustkalns in the sky to a height of about 3000 meters. Then he released his hands from the handlebars, and skydived back safely with a parachute to the ground. The company says their drones are capable of lifting up to 440 pounds (200 kilograms).