Elderly Filipino Couple Yelled at by a Canadian Commuter for Talking Loud

People who were traveling in Vancouver’s Sky Train were startled by a Canadian woman who yelled at elderly Filipino couple who she thought were talking in loud voice inside the train.

The incident was caught on video by another commuter who was in the same car of the train.

The yelling didn’t stop there. The Canadian woman had enough and yelled “Go back to then Philippines” at the elderly Filipino. When Filipino woman answered “Oh don’t say that”, the Canadian woman yelled back “I will say what I want”.

The elderly man then apologized and told the woman that this is how they talked back home. Regardless of the fact the Filipino man was speaking in English, the Canadian woman called the couple “stupid’ and told them to learn how so speak English.

One of the commuters, a young boy, stepped in to defend the Filipino couple and said the woman to leave the couple alone. He yelled at the woman to get the f*ck off the train. The Canadian woman why don’t he get off, she was not getting off. The Canadian woman turned at the boy and stared a verbal abuse. The young boy too had enough and called the Woman ‘racist’. The woman replied she was not racist. She only asked the Filipino couple to lower down the voice but instead of doing that the couple said that was how they talked back in their country.

The train stops eventually at a transit and the Canadian woman gets off, but before she left, she said ” Go back to the Philippines”.