They Love Eating Snake Meat Food Everday

Snake meat is definitely not anybody’s regular type of food you will find on the menu, but in some countries, they are very popular on their culture.

You will find varieties of snake meat delicacies in countries like China and Vietnam where people has long been using snake foods as valued part of the diet.

The Qing Dynasty Emperor of china had special banquet of dishes, where snake food was one of them. In China, snake food is considered as Yang food. Yang represents positive, bright and masculine. Yang is other half of YingYang, where Ying is define as negative, dark and famine. (source: here)

In Vietnam it is even more popular dish on the menu. Many restaurants serve snake meat food in the streets of Vietnam.

Not only do restaurants serve snakes meat food, they serve porcupine, lizard and racoon.

What does the snake meat tastes like?

But seriously, it may look fascinating, at the same time it looks like a terrifying idea eating snake meat food.
People who have consumed snake meat says it tastes like a cross between Chicken and fish.

Source: Here

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