Owners put on Scary Masks to Scare their Dogs. Hilarious and Lovely Moments

Running with your dog in the park, giving a treat, and getting a love stare right back is an amazing feeling that you cannot explain.

Dog owners feel so close to their furry companion because the feeling of love is genuinely strong. Scientific research shows when humans and dogs look at each other in the eyes, the bonding grows even stronger because of the feel-good hormone that gets released during the eye contact. That’s why humans are so close to dogs.

There is more to it than just making your happy. Dogs can help you to relieve stress, give boost to your self-esteem and lower your bad cholesterol.

Even though humans love dogs, they come up with funniest way once in a while to play with their dogs. For example, these owners would put on scary masks and scare their dogs. The dog doesn’t bite regardless of what they do.