Really Creepy Photos Captured From Snapchat Filter

Do Ghost Exists? Nobody can answer this question. There is no solid evidence to prove that they exist. Although there has many photos showing ghostly images shared in the internet, none of them have are any good enough proof about their entities.

These Snapchat photos doesn’t freak you out but they definitely are very interesting. If you haven’t got that app yet then it is about time to try it and take hundreds of selfies everyday, and see if any ghostly images pops up in your photos.


Do you see a figure sneaking behind from the window? This selfie was taken by Grainne Dowdall.  and she sent this to her friend. Her friend immediately notice someone who is sneaking behind from the window.



While taking this photo, nobody noticed a little girl what appears it to be in a swing. The creepy part is that there was no such girl in the room while they took that photo.



Snapchat Face Swap goes wrong.

ghost22Another Faceswap goes wrong. Carrie Rose took this photo and said that the figure remained for a while she was taking the photo but later disappeared when she moved the camera. Luckily she had enough time to capture the ghostly encounter moment.


This was taken by a hospital employee. He Captured this photo to proof his girlfriend that he was working in a hospital. The photo captured something else that may have freaked his girlfriend out.

If you are interested then just try the Snapchat Face swap app and give it a try. Maybe you will encounter someone or something that may look interesting or scare the hell out of you.

Source: wittyfeed

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