Embarrassing Moments In Airport Securities While Checking Passengers

Check Out these Moments Between Airport Securities And Passengers
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Thousands of passengers travel in an airport, so it is a daunting task to manage the flow and keep the security level always high. Sometimes passengers have to go through horrendous manual checking for which they feel so embarrassed to talk about their experience. But that’s the job of security people. They have to check everybody who looks suspicious, in and out every day.

Just recently there was breaking news in Nepal when Nepal Police caught 33kg gold, not from the airport, but when the passenger had already passed the security check and got out of the airport. Things like this should not happen again but they always happen because there ain’t no good security system that should have stopped any illegal items from passing through the security system.

But anyways just check out these passengers have to go through the uncomfortable situation during the manual body search by airport security personnel.[/nextpage]

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