Camel Chew Its Owner’s Head Because He Left the Camel in a Soaring Hot Desert

Temperature can soar really high in India.  The maximum temperature that heated up this city was 51°C.
A camel was left in the heat under the soaring sun by an owner who forgot about this camel outside his home. After remembering his camel being outside he went out to untie it.

Just for Representation
Just for Representation

According to an Indian News Paper -The Times of India, the camel attacked the owner when he tried to untie it.The owner had left his camel outside his home and forgotten about it while he was entertaining his guest. The temperature was highest recorded that Friday. When the owner suddenly remembered his camel had been out all day under the soaring Sun he went outside to check and untie his camel. The camel attacked him, picked him and threw him in the ground. The incident took place in Rajasthan on Saturday and the locals say it took 25 villagers to calm the animal down. The camel literally chew its owner’ s head and body according to locals.

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