Calgary Store Clerk Turns Tables on Thieves Caught on CCTV

Two robbers plan to ransack a convenient store and getaway with the loot in the best possible way. What they do not know they chose a wrong store for the robbery that morning.

A security camera at A Plus 1 Convenience Store in Calgary, Canada has recorded a video of a failed robbery and the bravery of a clerk from the store.

The video shows Nisar Ahmed, a night shift clerk, who is standing behind the counter doing his business early in the morning.

Just before 5’o clock in the morning two people walk in the store wearing masks over their face and holding weapons in their hands. One man is carrying what looks like an axe; the other has a tire iron.

The two masked robbers go behind the counter and threaten the clerk who is speaking to a friend on the phone.

The clerk tries to aloof himself with a small stool as the robbers come near at him.

One of the robbers starts to stuff their bags with cigarettes while other one walks over to the clerk, pushes him to the corner, and threatens him.

The clerk tries to fight back, finally gets his hand on pickaxe-type weapon brandished by one of the robbers, and pulls off his mask. Both of them wrestle behind the counter, and then the other robber joins the battle, takes out the tire hire from the bag, and hits the clerk couple of times with the tire iron.

The footage shows the clerk tries to defend himself from the robbers, but at one point, he sets himself free from them and runs outside the store.

Now when he is outside, he does not call from help. Instead, he begins barricading the front door with anything he can find outside the store.

The robbers have no idea about the clerk whereabouts and continue stealing merchandise from the store.

When they try to leave the store in a hurry, they cannot open the front door because it is blocked from outside.

They have nowhere to go now. They smash the door and manage to go outside. The moment they are out, the clerk and his friend manage to grab one and hold him until the police arrive. The other one escapes but the police says they have identified the perpetrator.

The two robbers were a male and a female. Both have history of robbery-related charges, says police.

Ahmed says he has seen many shoplifting in his store but nothing like this has ever happened before.