Wife Carrying Game Has A Serious Meaning : Watch This Video

This certainly sounds strange bizarre game but it has a serious note or message for the world to understand.  This may sound very funny and interesting game but the truth behind this is very serious. In Kazakhstan, there is this legend of men stealing wife of other people from nearby villages by carrying them and running away. The game was been started by people who got overwhelmed by this story and to foretell  others how people in Kazakhstan must have felt when they were put into misery.

It’s been more than 20 years when this game was first started in Finland. Husbands have to carry their wives and run though difficult obstacles, and most importantly beat other competitor’s time.

You might be wondering what is the winning prize. Well its not the money or any trophy.. but BEER… yeah!!. Beer equivalent to wife’s weight. So beer and beer and its all about BEER.


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