She Beats Down on a Lady over Alleged Racist Comments

A video of a woman beating down on a lady over racist comments on Haitians have surfaced the internet like a wildfire. According to reports, the lady was allegedly making racist remarks about a black security guard in a hotel lobby.

A woman named Colleen Dagg who was sitting on a couch in the same room couldn’t control her frustration and anger toward that lady.

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The lady wearing a blue teal dress since identified as Summer Cotis, a 39-year-old woman, was said to be slurring racists comments about a black security guy inside a lobby of the hotel.

While sitting inside the same room, Dagg was telling the woman to stop the nonsense and shut up.

The fight had not started yet until Dagg took her off her shoes and the lady asked why she was taking off her shoes.

The heated conversation went through like this.
Why are you taking your shoes off?’ the woman incite, ‘You gonna hit me with one of your shoes? I’m gonna f***** shoot you in your f****** face.

Dagg talks to some other person in the same room and says ‘I’m taking my shoes off so that if she puts her hands on me, I can defend myself,’

The lady approached near Dagg and started pushing her. That’s all it took to madden Dagg and then fighting hitting began.

The fight video was captured by a mobile phone of another person who happened to be witnessing the whole drama for a while. The person uploaded the video on Facebook, but later took it off. The video just did not stop there and had already spread all over the internet.

From that incident in the hotel, Collins Dagg has now become the internet’s new hero. And that is reason why people in the internet have been praising her because she physically fought a racist white woman in a hotel lobby.

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