Please Be Paranoid When Using An ATM Machine Because You May Loose Your Money

You think getting money out of ATM machine is safe and secured but think again. Last month there was a huge ATM scam in Japan when a whopping $12.7 million dollars was stolen from fraudulent cards in matter of just 4 hours via many convenient stores. Police said around 100 people were involved who made  heist a success.

The Japanese authority is now examining the case with everything they got like footage form cctv and witnesses. Shockingly not even one suspect has been arrested. The investigation is still going on till this date.

The following video was posted by a tourist visiting Vienna and he suddenly realize that ATM machine he was planning to use to take money out was not secured.

So this tourist is looking around in this place which is a public place with many people around. There are ATM machines nearby and he tries to take the money out from this one particular machine but suddenly he realize the machine looks a little bit unusual. These machines are in the middle of main city center near by metro station. Who would expect the ATM machine could be rigged. So he inspects that particular part where you insert your ATM card. Then he finds that it is all glued up. So he takes a closer look. He simply takes that object out from the machine. He even warms other people using ATM machine next to his.

That object is a skimmer and looks exactly like a part of an ATM machine. That fake object is used to steal data from your credit card and later take money from your account without your knowing. It has an electrical circuit cleverly placed inside it.

Just make sure you check the ATM before cashing out money.  You just hope that  it ain’t rigged. If you see anything unusual, contact authority immediately.
Source: About Japan ATM Scam

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