Change Your Pin Code Soon : Nepali ATM Hacking Swindles Again

ATM Hackers are on the rise again in Nepal stealing thousands of rupees from ATM in different locations. With advance hardware and software, these hackers use sophisticated technologies to cash out huge amount of money from hundreds of people accounts via ATM. With the help some hardware they can reproduce the ATM cards and with the help of software they put magnetic data on the card.

In 2014 Nepal police detained a foreigner ATM hacker, a Turkish man who had taken out 2.6 million rupees and $5000 from different ATM booths of banks such as Himalayan Bank, Apex Bank and Standard Chartered Bank. Police said he had used duplicated Master Cards, Visa Debit and several Credit Cards to took that money out of ATM in Kathmandu. He was detained from Durbarmarg-based Hotel Woodland, Kathmandu.

Few years back there was another Nepali group who had stolen PIN codes from a departmental store and then took out around 5 lakh rupees from different ATM booths. Many news on ATM hacks in Nepal are always making headlines. So are you sure your card has not been hacked?

Just recently Nepal police nabbed a Romanian group who had stolen around 3.5 million rupees from various ATM booths in the areas like Thamel, Basantapur and Durbarmarg in Kathmandu.

So these hacking have been going on for many years. Banks are also working on securing their system and sealing off the loopholes. Although they are doing the best, it is required that account holders who use ATM cards should change the pin codes often. If you haven’t done it yet, it is about time. If you are a frequent shopper with Master Card, Visa, debit or credit card, then shop only at places.

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