25,000 Gigabytes in a space the Size of a Quarter

Technology has important roles on modern civilization, mainly in business sectors. It doesn’t matter if you have big or small business. The new technology offers substantial advantage that will help you generate more money and produce more advance products.

A team from the University of Manchester has developed a cutting-edge development in data storage technology. They have claimed high volumes of data can be stored in individual molecules. That means you can now store more than 25 terabytes of data per square inch.

Modern hard discs are made of hard substance such as glass or aluminum, which is coated with a thin coating mostly by a vacuum deposition process called magnetron sputtering. This coating can be magnetized and demagnetized. It’s a long process of preparing hard drives to make them ready for storing information. Scientists claim this will change in near future. A class of molecule known as single molecule magnets will revolutionize the storage system.

Scientists recently demonstrated a single molecule could be controlled to store a massive amount of information.

To achieve this scientists explain individual molecules based around an atom of the element dysprosium has to be chilled at -213 °C. The previous temperature record for achieving magnetic hysteresis on a molecular level was -259 °C.

The goal is to cross the -196 °C threshold, which would then allow molecular data storage systems to be cooled by the much more affordable liquid nitrogen.

Regardless of the new invention that will allow users to store massive amount of information in a square inch, it’s not likely that it will be available in local store anytime soon. The technology needs more research, but it will nonetheless dramatically change the way store our information.

Just imagine you can store every Hollywood movie ever on a device, which is just square inch in size.
Source: newatlas