She Had 20,000 Unexpected Guests Following Her Car

A 65-year-old grandmother Carol Howarth from West Wales was driving her car after visiting local nature reserve in the area. What she didn’t know was she was being followed by 20,000 swarm of bees. They were following a Queen bee.

Bees have one queen and they protect her, and would die trying.

Howarth was driving her 4×4 through Haverfordwest and stopped for shopping when she realized she had 20,000 uninvited guests swarming at the back of her car. Beekeepers were called and finally got rid of all those bees by flying them into a box. They said it was probably a queen bee that might have been somehow got stuck at rear end of the car. That is why those bees were following the car.

After getting those bees into the box the wind blew the lid off the box, and caused the queen lodged back again onto the same car. Howarth drove away unaware of this incident. Later she saw those guests were back again. She had to called beekeepers again.


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